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MTS-Produkte, the pioneer of high-quality ABS components such as Skimmers, Underwater Lights, Inlet Nozzles and Floor Drains.

With the „cream white“ color, MTS has been leading the way in the industry for 50 years for all built-in parts in high-quality prefabricated- / concrete-and linerpools. For the benefit of the industry, trade, commerce and private users. Already with the „Signal White“ version, MTS is setting new standards in optics and to the advantage of customer demands.

The market continues to evolve. With him the design and quality standards. With the new introduction of the color „noble gray“ for swimming pool components, MTS not only follows the call for contemporary design, but also meets the demand for cost-effective solutions.

On all MTS-pool products, we offer a 5 year warranty and a spare part delivery up to 15 years.

This is unique in Europe.

Products and services

MTS-Produkte is a producer and distributor of high quality swimmingpool equipment, like Skimmers, Underwater Lights, Inlet Nozzles and Floor Drains.

We use high quality ABS plastics for most of our products as well as AISI316 high grade Steel.

Our wellknown „SSL“ Underwater Lights come in round or square and like most of our other products in „cream white“, „signal white“ and „noble gray“, with a wide range of LED bulbs in almost every color available.

UNI SET , the MTS Inlet Nozzles system, also comes in those forms and colors. Each UNI SET complete set will be delivered with 8mm, 2x8mm, 25mm and 7x7mm Inlet Nozzle Balls to vary the flow of water.

The V20 Skimmers, the Floor Drains and every other offered product, are available for every type of pool on the market.

UNI SET Inlet Nozzle System

UNI SET Inlet Nozzle System

UNI SET inlet fitting system, based on the unit construction system, build on a basic element, suitable for all pool types.
UNI SET is available with round and square covers. Made from high quality materials like ABS cream white, ABS signal white, ABS noble gray and polished AISI 316 stainless steel.
Carefully coordinated elements for optimal flow of water.

SSL LED Underwater Spotlight

SSL LED Underwater Spotlight

The reliable PAR56 lamps of the SSL underwater spotlight are available in flat and in arched construction. The whole SSL program is also obtainable with various colored lights as well as warm- and cold white. RGB variants in 2-wire and 4-wire as well as a pure blue. MTS lamps fit into any standard PAR56 spotlight housing.
SSL is available with round and square cover made from ABS cream white, ABS signal white, ABS noble gray and AISI316 stainless steel.
An innovation from MTS!

Skimmer V20 Exclusive Edition (Available in Creme white, Signal white and Noble Gray)

Skimmer V20 Exclusive Edition (Available in Creme white, Signal white and Noble Gray)

Available for all pools. Floating weir in the hollow chamber system. Height-adjustable overflow Ø50 mm.
Height-adjustable terminal shaft for adaptation to the pool depth and square cover. Large hair and leaf strainer. Many accessories are available such as levelling valves, skimmer throat extensions, flange covers, height adjustments, skimmer covers made of stainless steel and extensions for pools with angled walls. Subsequently, another flange unit can be glued on to the basic model.


MTS-Produkte GmbH
An den Dieken 61
40885 Ratingen

Phone: +49 2102 33067

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