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More than 60 years ago Claus-Holmer Gerdes started selling mini instantaneous water heaters for hot water supply at individual points of use.

Today, CLAGE is one of the leading manufacturers of electric instantaneous water heaters and a specialist in innovative hot water technology. At the company headquarters located in the Hanseatic city of Luneburg in Northern Germany more than 200 employees are responsible for development, design, production and distribution of the energy-efficient hot water heaters with a high standard of quality.

CLAGE products are characterised by good design, a high level of user convenience and energy efficiency. At the modern production facilities the highest standards of quality and the reliability synonymous with “Made in Germany“ are assured. Numerous awards in Germany and other countries attest to the high quality of CLAGE products.

CLAGE is actively represented in all significant markets for instant water heaters world-wide.

Products and services

CLAGE as one of the leading German manufacturer of electric instant water heaters offers a large product range with many individual solutions:

E-mini instant water heaters are the most effcient hot water supply solution at the washbasin.Different models are available from 3.5kW to 6.5kW nominal power rating.

E-compact instant water heaters are the ideal solution for small showers or kitchen sinks. Different models are available from 6.6kW to 13.5kW nominal power rating.

E-comfort instant water heaters are fully electronic and combine comfortable hot water convenience with energy efficiency for the whole bathroom. Different models are available from 18kW to 27kW nominal power rating.
MBH mini instant water heater

The instant water heater features an economical operation.
The water is heated directly as it flows through the unit. Hot
water is not stored in a tank, which saves standby energy that would
be otherwise required.
Hydraulically controlled instant water heater (undersink model)
with compact design for the energy-efficient hot water supply for
a washbasin or a kitchenette.

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CEX compact instant water heater

Electronically controlled instant water heater with compact design, the ideal solution for a kitchen sink or a small shower.
The heating output is electronically controlled. This provides an
ideal hot water temperature without the need to add cold water at
the tap.
Push-button operation with LCD indicator for precise
temperature setting between 20 °C und 55 °C.

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DEX comfort instant water heater

Electronically controlled comfort instant water heater, perfectly suitable for the bathroom multipoint use or a shower. Large backlit LCD display for temperature display. Precise temperatures can be set between 20 °C and 60 °C. Attractive, very slim design. With the Multiple Power System MPS®, the maximum power Rating is set at the time of installation: 18, 21, 24 or 27 kW.

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