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European producers of chemicals, control, measure, dosage and filtration equimpent for swimming pools; steel pools; fragrances for steam bath, sauna, water and air; whole range of cleaners; automatic and liner covers for swimming pools, pool accessoires and equipment!

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Chemicals and equipment for pools, fragrances for steam bath, sauna and spa, automatic and liner covers for pools, cleaners, accessoires.


pool equipment

dinotec GmbH
Philipp-Reis-Str. 28
61130 Nidderau

Phone: +49 6187 41379–0
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Ralph, Ziegler
General manager
Phone: +49 6187 4137920
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dinotec ooo
Boytsovaya str. 27, of.223
107150 Moscow

Phone: +7 987 80742–22
Internet: www.dinotec.ru
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