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Engelmann – the specialists in measurement, recording and transmission of heat and water quantity data.
Engelmann belongs to the world’s market leaders in the area of domestic heat meters and operates in more than 25 countries. Our products are part of the strongly growing smart metering market and enable us to contribute to increase energy efficiency.
With the label “Made in Germany” Engelmann stands for precision, quality and reliability.
One of our keys to success is our customer orientation – in particular the understanding of regional needs according to the guiding principle “think global – act local”.
Since more than 40 years the research and development as well as the production of Engelmann meters and solutions are located in Wiesloch, a little city in the south of Germany. More than 150 dedicated employees take care of metering service providers, utility providers and contractors in the EMEA region. Until today, almost 10 million meters have been produced.

Products and services

Providing a benefit to you is our guiding principle.
Our customers love solutions that make their job easier. This is what we focus our products and processes on.
The simpler the better – that is our belief and our motto. This is why our solutions are always simple and well thought-out. We provide clear answers to challenges that are constantly becoming more complex.
Making your life easier is far from easy – this requires high standards which we need to meet every day.
We are proud to be at the cutting edge of quality, precision and service – rest assured that you can rely on us and come to our booth to convince yourself about it:

We present to our visitors almost the whole range of our products starting from

  • our heat/cooling meter series SensoStar with mechanic as well as ultrasonic flow meters
    radio, M-bus, pulse input and output modules
  • heat cost allocators with accessories
  • water meters
  • optocoupler
  • USB receiver
  • brand new gateway and repeater
  • software
Heat/Cooling meter SensoStar

The new heat/cooling meter generation – one meter with many possibilities
• Cooling 5-50°C
• Heat 15-90 °C
• Ultrasonic high temperature 15-130°C
• Nominal sizes
mechanical qp 0,6 – 2,5
ultrasonic qp 0,6 – 10
• Unidirectional wireless m-bus
868 MHz
sending mode T, C or S
OMS 3.0.1 or 4.0.2
• 3 Pulse inputs combined with wireless m-bus or m-bus module
• 2 Pulse outputs optional
• Forward and return flow customizable
• Display customizable
• Adjustable glycol type and concentration

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Heat cost allocator HCAe2

Electronic heat cost allocator with

• Radio transmission of 15-month and half-month values

• Saving of 132-month and half-month values

• Retroactively mountable remote sensor available

• Life span: 11 + 1 years
• HKVO approval; conforms to DIN EN 834

• Two-sensor device, can be adjusted to one-sensor mode

• Product or unit scale

• Measurement can be paused during the summer months

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Calculator SensoStar C

Versatile calculator for combined heat meters
• Module solution for all communication interfaces brings larger flexibility and decreases storage costs

• Approvals: heating MID; cooling DE

• Easy system integration i.a. with 3 pulse inputs or max. 2 pulse outputs

• Precise measuring by 60 sec. temperature measuring cycle with a battery lifetime of 10 years

• Saves 24 monthly and semi-monthly values

• OMS conform

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Engelmann Sensor GmbH
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 24–28
69168 Wiesloch

Phone: +49 6222 98000
Fax: +49 6222 980050
Internet: www.engelmann.de
E-mail: Send message

Contact person

Milan Cervenansky
International Sales Manager
Phone: +49 15165496657
E-mail: Send message

News & Innovations


S3C - our new versatile calculator is built on the modularity of the SensoStar family and thus gives you absolute flexibility in the purchase of your needed devices, while reducing your stock-holding costs by a minimised amount of variants.

In future, you can combine any component and you choose the suitable flow meters and temperature sensors just along your needs.

For the new calculator you can plug in or order from the factory the same modules (for example, Wireless M-Bus) for data transmission as with the SensoStar compact meter and thus flexibly set up your warehouse. In addition, you can decide in advance whether you would like to order a device with parameterized impulse values or use the manually adjustable version TX. In this case, you can set up yourself which pulse value the device should have.

Easy connectivity to a smart meter gateway:

Like the SensoStar, the SensoStar C is the calculator for the future through OMS-compliant encryption with OMS 4 Mode 5 and OMS 4 Mode 7.

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Engelmann Connect – modular AMR system for end-to-end solutions

Engelmann perfects its product portfolio with its brand new gateway and thus provides the basis for the AMR system, which offers metering service providers tailor-made solutions to master the challenges of the forthcoming energy market.

Engelmann gateway
The Engelmann gateway can be run by both, battery and power supply. So it is suitable for a monthly and a biweekly readout as well as for monitoring. Easy upload of the accumulated data on any FTP server or easy emailing make it very convenient. You choose the data format between CSV and XML.

Simple transition from walk-by to AMR
Existing properties don’t have to be re-parameterised as the gateway can receive and process both long and short, OMS-conform, telegrams. Likewise, devices with unidirectional radio according to OMS version 4.0.2 can be integrated into the gateway. An export function prepares the data for all prevalent billing systems.

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SensoStar – The new generation of heat meters for submetering and metering
Given the modifiable casing of the calculator and refittable modules it is the right meter for many occasions. You can customize the meter in a few quick steps with different interfaces such as wireless M-Bus or M-Bus, both optionally with 3 pulse inputs, or with 2 pulse outputs.
You can easily switch the radio telegram from OMS 3.0.1 to OMS 4.0.2. This guarantees a fast transition and connection to a smart meter gateway.
SensoStar can be installed in either forward or return flow. Due to simple parameterisation it can be done immediately on-site by keystroke or using the device monitor. The same way the displayed units can be changed. Meters with a glycol medium can also be programmed on-site by glycol type and glycol concentration.
Engelmann extends its dynamic temperature measuring cycle to 2/60 seconds. All SensoStar meters provide backflow detection, indicated by a direct hint on the display.

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