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HÜRNER – better welding HÜRNER Schweisstechnik
combine state-of-the-art technology and reliable
service. Besides well-proven electrofusion units
HÜRNER offers innovative butt-welding systems for
buried pipeline construction and high-tech solutions for infrared welding applications in the microchip and food industries. Electrofusion units from HÜRNER are not afraid of large pipe sizes and their CNC or manually controlled butt-welding machines fit any pipe from O.D. 32 - 1600. Where a box sports the HÜRNER logo, you’ll find automatic data recording in it, either with the welding system itself or with an add-on report generation unit compatible with own and othermanufactured makes. Accessories for anything piperelated and data transmission and management solutions to plan pipe system maintenance and trace every single joint are complements to the comprehensive product range. Furthermore, HÜRNER is the partner to turn to for the manufacture of exhaust air control and engineering plastics.

Products and services

HÜRNER Schweisstechnik GmbH is your
knowledgeable partner for all fields of plastic jointing technologies. Be it small or large sizes, be it jointing with heater coil fittings for electrofusion, butt welding, or retrofits of existing systems with a data logger, be it tools or accessories for pipe preparation, be it database management or technical software to keep
being ahead of pipe grid administration - HÜRNER is
where the state of the art is in every respect, and
frequently is also a little ahead of what you desired in
the first place. Other areas in which you can count on
us include self-monitored air extraction systems for
chemical storage and engineering plastics tailored to
the requirements of various industries. Portfolio: Buttwelding machines, Electrofusion units, Tools &
Accessories, Workshop Technology, Foil Jointing,
Software and Air Extraction Monitors

HÜRNER WeldControl

HÜRNER Butt-welding Technology means perfect butt
welding on the worksite and in the workshop. From 40
-1600mm, the product lines leave nothing to be
desired, whatever the application: manual, semiautomated
+ fully automated CNC ECO machines, with
automatic, ISO-compliant data recording are available
for any nominal dimension. Besides the CNC machines
(ECO Line), the in-house developed WeldControl
welding machines + WeldControl EF systems have
revolutionized manual,hydraulic plastic jointing.

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HÜRNER HST300 2.0 Line

HST 300 Line represents a family of products
accounting for more than 40,000 units sold
worldwide,which adds light weight + compact
dimensions to highest-level performance. Even heatercoil
electrofusion fittings larger than 2000mm are
processed w/o fail with this product line. Whether you
look at full interoperability with HÜRNER pipe grid
management software,bar code reading with a
scanning pen or handheld scanner or standardcompliant
traceability,incl. geo-data - you will find what
you need.

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HÜRNER Schweisstechnik GmbH
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Nicole Rühl-Jankovic
Product Management, Marketing
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CSP Ltd.
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News & Innovations

HÜRNER WhiteLine HST 300 Smart
The 300 line of welding units represents a product platform of more than 40,000 units sold around the world, which combine compact dimensions with the highest performance. Even electrofusion fittings with a diameter of over 2000 mm don’t meant any issues for this product line.
The HÜRNER HST 300 Smart is the most recent member of the 300 line. The new model version, too, makes a difference by its professional welding
control characteristics and data traceability management, incl. PDF data transfer, for an operating range inclusive of fittings of up to 160 mm of diameter.
HÜRNER HWT 125 SW 2.0 - Heating Element Socket Welder
The HWT 125 SW 2.0 is the perfect next step to advance the existing HÜRNER socket welding system: all-purpose versatility for PP, PVDF, and PE, both fittings and piping set‑ups, in the working range of O.D. 20 - 125 mm.
Diamond-shaped clamps allow effortless positioning and securing of the fittings and pipes of all sizes. A specially designed fastening system is at the heart of the easy changing of the clamps depending on the job at hand.
The new HWT 125 SW 2.0 features a unique reference setpoint pushbutton that enables convenient and professional adjustment of the component butt position.
It goes without saying that fusion depth selectors and the corresponding spigots and sockets are available for common component types (DVS type A, DVS type B, ASTM inch).
The system ships in a rugged, wooden transport and set‑up box.

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