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- System expertise for heating, air-conditioning and sanitary installations -

Oventrop is one of the leading manufacturers of valves, controls and systems for the Building Services Industry. With more than 4000 products, the company offers a wide-ranging programme for heating and cooling systems, sanitary installations, solar systems and the industry.
The company is an expert partner to the stockists, consultants, contractors and the industry.

Oventrop was founded in 1851. The company is independent and privately owned. The products are distributed all over the world by eight subsidiaries and representatives in all important countries.

Oventrop has a highly skilled, qualified and motivated regular workforce and is also training and instructing a large number of apprentices. The company plays an important economic role in the region of its location.

Products and services

With more than 5000 products, the company offers a wide-ranging programme for the Building Services Industry:

  • Radiator valves
  • Valves for hydronic balancing
  • Underfloor heating systems
  • Composition pipes and fittings “Combi-system“
  • Solar thermal systems
  • Stations „Regumat“. Connection of heat generators to heating circuit
  • Heating oil filters and valves
  • Valves for water distribution

All components comply with standards and are in accordance with each other and the latest technical developments.

Radiator valves

The variety and different models of Oventrop valves and controls allow the stockists, plumber and specifying engineer to fulfil all technical requirements concerning radiators and the complete heating system. Due to their presetting, they permit a hydronic adjustment of the flow rate and thus guarantee an economical heat output of the individual radiators.
Design and colours of thermostates create a smart optical harmony with modern furnishing.

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Surface heating systems

The Oventrop “Cofloor” system offers all components of different laying systems as well as a wide-ranging complete programme of valves and controls, suitable for any surface heating or cooling system.

All components comply with standards and are in accordance with each other and the latest technical developments.

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Boiler connection system „Regumat“

With the boiler connection system „Regumat”, Oventrop offers all components which are required for the connection of boiler, pump and pipework.
The products are supplied as a complete system or as individual components.
Oventrop boiler valves are first class products for heating installations and are made of brass or bronze. The production is subject to a steady quality control thus guaranteeing a long lasting service life without malfunctions.

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