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SET Energietechnik GmbH
For more than two decades SET Energy Engineering GmbH is one of the market leaders in swimming pool technology. Developing pioneering products in superior quality "Made in Germany" and extensive know-how about insulation, air duct, dehumidification with heat recovery and pool heat pumps. You will get everything out of one hand: Advice on the planning of swimming pools, SET insulation and air duct systems, dehumidifiers and heat pumps.

Products and services

For optimal indoor swimming pool climate, we offer a wide range of products with one thing in common: maximum efficiency. By dehumidifying the air with heat recovery, we ensure maximum energy savings and a significant reduction in operating costs in each swimming pool. Our portfolio includes: stand-alone, behind-the-wall and dehumidification systems units for re-circulated air-operation in various designs.


For optimal air quality. With maximum efficiency thanks to extremely economical EC fans and complete utilization of the exhaust air energy, devices in the AF series deliver exceptional comfort. The heat recovered by the heat pump system is fed to the swimming pool air and optionally the water. The complete energy management is handled by the SETlog3 controller.

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