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Water is our element. We transform your pool into an oasis of fun, a fountain of youth, and a world of pleasure. Plunge with uwe JetStream into a world of pleasure and even small pools can become really exiting – even for trained athletes. In 1967 we invented the first countercurrent system and today JetStream is the worldwide renowned manufacturer of swimming pool technology for domestic and public pools. Our range of products includes countercurrent units, massage jets, pumps, accessories and much more. As leader in innovative and quality products we distribute our systems in more than 60 countries around the world. Being the inventor of the countercurrent unit creates high expectations. It’s a commitment that we cultivate intensely, with groundbreaking technical innovations and outstanding designs. All our products are manufactured in Germany and delivered pre-mounted to our customers with the very best German quality – our passion and day-by-day challenge.

Products and services

TriVA - the countercurrent system for Athletes - highest performance in a noble design, with innovative FLAT nozzle design and incredible power
BAMBO 2 is the advanced countercurrent system for good swimmers
JUNO - the powerful
PURO COMPACT - innovative all in one Flat Nozzle countercurrent system

Hydro massage systems:
LIDOBLOC - is the new magic word for a relaxed spine. Ten integrated nozzles enable a very powerful all back massage
LIBRA - The flexible and powerful point massage system
VIVA - wellness from deep down
PERLA - the campaign feeling in your pool

And much more!


The new JetStream TriVA countercurrent swimming unit with innovative flat technology that generates a flat, powerful current just under the surface of the water.
- Suitable for professional training
- Flow rates from 75 m³/h to 225 m³/h
- Flat-Stream Technology
- Extremely powerful and smooth current
- Less turbulent water surface than with conventional countercurrent systems
- 3-step operation via Jetstream PIEZO, the new pressure-sensitive single-button control


BAMBO 2 is the ultimate countercurrent system,complete with two powerful jets.
The two swivel jet nozzles are activated at the press of a button and can circulate up to 21 litres per second. When it's working at full power, BAMBO 2 is a force to be reckoned with, even for the fittest swimmers. It can be gentler, though. The strength of the jets can be infinitely adjusted to suit all requirements – simply by turning the knob located to the right of the nozzle.


LIDOBLOC is the new magic word for a relaxed spine after the workout. Ten nozzles enable a very powerful all back massage. Because of the integrated PIEZO button and the cover made of high-gloss polished stainless steel LIDOBLOC is also a visual highlight.
The single-unit installation is combinable with PURO COMPACT for switchable systems. In public swimming pools LIDOBLOC is a visitor magnet and often an insider tip because it can be used as a countercurrent system as well.

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