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HÜRNER HWT 125 SW 2.0 - Heating Element Socket Welder
The HWT 125 SW 2.0 is the perfect next step to advance the existing HÜRNER socket welding system: all-purpose versatility for PP, PVDF, and PE, both fittings and piping set‑ups, in the working range of O.D. 20 - 125 mm.
Diamond-shaped clamps allow effortless positioning and securing of the fittings and pipes of all sizes. A specially designed fastening system is at the heart of the easy changing of the clamps depending on the job at hand.
The new HWT 125 SW 2.0 features a unique reference setpoint pushbutton that enables convenient and professional adjustment of the component butt position.
It goes without saying that fusion depth selectors and the corresponding spigots and sockets are available for common component types (DVS type A, DVS type B, ASTM inch).
The system ships in a rugged, wooden transport and set‑up box.

Exhibitor: HÜRNER Schweisstechnik GmbH