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SensoStar – The new generation of heat meters for submetering and metering

Given the modifiable casing of the calculator and refittable modules it is the right meter for many occasions. You can customize the meter in a few quick steps with different interfaces such as wireless M-Bus or M-Bus, both optionally with 3 pulse inputs, or with 2 pulse outputs.
You can easily switch the radio telegram from OMS 3.0.1 to OMS 4.0.2. This guarantees a fast transition and connection to a smart meter gateway.
SensoStar can be installed in either forward or return flow. Due to simple parameterisation it can be done immediately on-site by keystroke or using the device monitor. The same way the displayed units can be changed. Meters with a glycol medium can also be programmed on-site by glycol type and glycol concentration.
Engelmann extends its dynamic temperature measuring cycle to 2/60 seconds. All SensoStar meters provide backflow detection, indicated by a direct hint on the display.

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Exhibitor: Engelmann Sensor GmbH