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What has been started as a technology study back in 2013, was implemented successfully into practice. The NovoCheck-App connects Smartphone Technology with Pressing Technology- thanks to a Bluetooth® connection between the ACO203 and the mobile phone or tablet computer, the plumber has the possibility to retrieve device-related data via the NovoCheck-App.

Thus, the user is able to check its tool status independently. By controlling the force build-up, the functionality of the LEDs and the illumination for the pressing area, the plumber can determine whether its tool works properly, without the help of the servicepoint and only due to the NovoCheck-App.

In addition, the NovoCheck-App offers the user the opportunity to read out the tools logbook. Due to an integrated clock, performed pressings can be pursued and thus it can be reproduced if executed pressings were successful. Moreover, thanks to an implemented report function, the plumber is able to document performed pressings by creating a construction site report. The files will be stored in the app and can be called up and sent by email or printed out anytime.

Exhibitor: NOVOPRESS GmbH Pressen und Preßwerkzeuge & Co.KG