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S3C - our new versatile calculator is built on the modularity of the SensoStar family and thus gives you absolute flexibility in the purchase of your needed devices, while reducing your stock-holding costs by a minimised amount of variants.

In future, you can combine any component and you choose the suitable flow meters and temperature sensors just along your needs.

For the new calculator you can plug in or order from the factory the same modules (for example, Wireless M-Bus) for data transmission as with the SensoStar compact meter and thus flexibly set up your warehouse. In addition, you can decide in advance whether you would like to order a device with parameterized impulse values or use the manually adjustable version TX. In this case, you can set up yourself which pulse value the device should have.

Easy connectivity to a smart meter gateway:

Like the SensoStar, the SensoStar C is the calculator for the future through OMS-compliant encryption with OMS 4 Mode 5 and OMS 4 Mode 7.

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Exhibitor: Engelmann Sensor GmbH